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Rules: Yeah I know they suck, but you must have them.

1. As i've been having a problem with this, the new rule is, after joining, comment on this post " choose your character." once you've chosen which character you'd like to be you have one (1) week to post your first character entry. I understand about school and work, so after this first post if you for some reason cannot make another post for several weeks all i ask is that you tell me so. if you do not, after three weeks of no posting you will be booted.

2. No bad language, minors may be present. (Phrases such as “Aaw that sucks!” are acceptable however.)

3. All material, written or otherwise, must be of a PG rating. (No nudity, drugs, excessive violence, innuendos, and so on. You know what’s appropriate and what’s not.)

4. Dialog is expressly limited to plot and character. (Jonouchi would not announce that he’s got a new community. However, posting a comment like that would be welcomed.)

5. Have fun and get a long. No real fights, if you want to duke it out, do so on another lj or what have you.)

6. personal conversations are kept to the comments, however that doesn't mean they are private so don't write anything you're mother wouldn't.

Failure to comply with one or more of these rules is grounds for banning. Depending upon the severity of the rule broken the party responsible may also be reported.

With the exception of (I) the narrator who must tell the story, please write your entries in first person.

Okay so now that I got the rules out of the way...

The story:

After high school, Yugi and co. are thrown into another adventure when Anzu goes missing. Now bent on finding Anzu, Yugi must solve the subtle clues she left behind that may eventually lead to her. His first clue, a white rose and a letter addressed to ‘Lord Yugi’. Where will this mystery take them? Join the fun and find out!

Maya Acenaspheru