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So the story is finally coming together. We are finally getting some where or at least I hope. Sooo Anzu is pretty much missing which pretty much ruins my life since she is the love of my life and Jonouchi is still being possesed, just great. Don't we ever get a break. I don't think so but I can't be anger thats Kaibas job, I am supposed to be the happy optimistic one.

Maya has finally told us the truth, Yami always told me something fishy was going on between her and us. I really felt bad for her. I thought she was going to cry. I guess she thought we would desert her or pretty much try to kill her but I wouldn't do this since we came this far and I'm not leaving till I get some more answer and of course my friends back.

I search Maya up and down as though seeing if something is hiding beneath her saddened eyes, Wondering how she had lied for so long. I can't lie I have a guilty conscience or someone normally figures out by my expressions when I'm lieing. Thats why I don't play poker because I normally lose alot of money to Jonouchi well anyway back to my predicament of what we should do.

We are an interesting lookng party. Pegasus with a concerned face(how sad), Seto Kaiba with a face that looks something is stuck up his arse, Duke who is twirling his dice not paying attention, Malik is busy looking dumbstruck  guess he his thinking maybe just a little too hard and Maya who has allowed us to come into her home which finally blabs her mouth open to tell us about her sick brother and her house.

I'm not in the mood and agree, All I want is a comfy place to sleep and I will worry about tomorrow when it comes and when it does we will face it( i think thats a line from a book)

**thats it for now, finally back for at least a week before I go away without a computer! NOO!


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