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Pegasus sat there in the middle of the street and began to think. his eyes traveled to Yugi and the puzzle. 'No good, the spirit would likely kill me if I tried that.' Then to Malik and shivered. 'I've never touched that one before and if Battle City was any indecation of it's, just no.' Then to where Anzu had been standing. 'No...she's too nice and I'd have to hurt her. Besides it was a gift from Yugi.' Suddenly however his eyes narrowed on one silent indevidual who had neither spoken a word, nor sepped in to help at any time. 'Him. He's got my eye. That's right and I don't intend to go easy on him either.' He stood, eyes fixed on Bakura in the gise of Ryou and pulled out a card. 'Three birds with one stone. Piss off Kaiba-boy, take revenge for my six month bed rest, and get us into the hotel at the same time.' He held it in the air, Bakura realizing what was going on too late. "Blue Eyes Toon Dragon...attack him now!" The cute but powerful toon knocked Bakura out cold. Pegasus ignored the shocked and angry yells as he istictively chose a pocket and low, pulled out the eye. It began to glow and the look on Seto's face was priceless as he eyed that dragon, not even noticing the glow. Pegasus bowed his head, covering his face with his hand so no one would see him removing the glass eye and replacing it with the gold one. He felt the power surge through his body once again and as he opened his eyes he smiled. Then turning his sights on the blond boy he clenched his fists. Now it was time to see if he had all his powers back. With the eye he searched the body and found Jonouchi's spirit sleeping within. So it wasn't a total possesion, this should be easy. By simply concentrating he sigled out the evil one and began to force him from the body however Matsuki stopped him. "No! Wait! He'll be able to get to Anzu if you do this!" Pegasus stopped with a sigh and suddenly disappeared.

He found himself standing in an open field, not unlike the one he'd played in as a young boy, and saw Anzu laying in the grass. As a sign of her innocence and light she wore a long white dress. He slowly approached her and stared down at her for a long moment. He was fascinated by the fact that she litterally glowed here. "I think I understand a little now." He attempted to see inside her mind but was suddenly forced back into the living realm by a very angry spirit. "I do not trust you. You will not be allowed back there again. All you would find in her at this moment are the memories she's created through the years. to break that would wake her and she is safe where she is." He nodded though with a glare. 'Just what are you hiding from us?'
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Hmm, I can definately work with this...
*starts typing*
^^ Yay! i can't wait to see!