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Sunday, April 16, 2006


i think i have an idea. first off i'm changing all the rules. i think what i'll do is make another page transfer all the previous posts to that one before deleting this one and i'll put it on all five of my ljs so this won't happen again.

any thoughts? is this a good idea? i think i'm going to try and figure out how to continue the plot too. would anyone like to contribute ocs and stuff? i think we permently lost anzu though. her collage has been worse than my rescent scedule. soooo lemme know wha you all think. the new rules btw are...

shonen-ai/shujou-ai will be allowed as long as both people playing agree. i'm revoking the whole one characrer per person thing. when i did that i was thinking i would get a lot more people a lot faster. OCs are welcome too. I'm still claiming Maya/Sarah and the narrator though. as well anyone who had a character before, if you still want them you're observed as still having them so otherwise please let me know if you're giving up a character so i can put it back on the list.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

11:20AM - SETO

It's a nice house. Ok. Sue me. I admitted that someone has something as good as mine. I know what's going on. I've spent far too much time away from Mokuba. It's his job to keep me sane. Or in the semblance of it. I leave the others to listen to Maya's sob story. Personally, i have no interest in it. she's nice, her mind is like mine, but I do believe in such a thing as too much information. I'm more interested in finding a phone line. Hell, electricity would work. Or a bed. A bed and a nap. How long has it been since i got to sleep? 24, 48 hours? I really should sleep. Maybe when I wake up the nice hallucinations will go away. Or I'll be forced to except this as reality. Not a nice thought. Not even a good thought. I've been forced to except that magic does exist, and that sometimes you change change the future, but I'm not in the mood to except this. I come back to were I've started. I really need to sleep. Going in circles is not like me. I'm not a dog. I do ot chase my tail. Or mean to rather. 

OC: Me talking to ya'llCollapse )

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Monday, March 27, 2006

2:44AM - OOC

hello, i'm sorry to interrupt, but is anyone with jou, or seto in this group? Or is it alost cause??

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


So the story is finally coming together. We are finally getting some where or at least I hope. Sooo Anzu is pretty much missing which pretty much ruins my life since she is the love of my life and Jonouchi is still being possesed, just great. Don't we ever get a break. I don't think so but I can't be anger thats Kaibas job, I am supposed to be the happy optimistic one.

Maya has finally told us the truth, Yami always told me something fishy was going on between her and us. I really felt bad for her. I thought she was going to cry. I guess she thought we would desert her or pretty much try to kill her but I wouldn't do this since we came this far and I'm not leaving till I get some more answer and of course my friends back.

I search Maya up and down as though seeing if something is hiding beneath her saddened eyes, Wondering how she had lied for so long. I can't lie I have a guilty conscience or someone normally figures out by my expressions when I'm lieing. Thats why I don't play poker because I normally lose alot of money to Jonouchi well anyway back to my predicament of what we should do.

We are an interesting lookng party. Pegasus with a concerned face(how sad), Seto Kaiba with a face that looks something is stuck up his arse, Duke who is twirling his dice not paying attention, Malik is busy looking dumbstruck  guess he his thinking maybe just a little too hard and Maya who has allowed us to come into her home which finally blabs her mouth open to tell us about her sick brother and her house.

I'm not in the mood and agree, All I want is a comfy place to sleep and I will worry about tomorrow when it comes and when it does we will face it( i think thats a line from a book)

**thats it for now, finally back for at least a week before I go away without a computer! NOO!


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Saturday, July 9, 2005

6:54PM - Maya *prolly short -_-;;;stuckness*

As soon as I pushed open the balconey door and looked towards the train station I knew there was trouble. That's when I saw the sorce of this trouble...*Anzu's father, still possessing Jonouchi, had around nine of our body guards with him. While I was caught off guard a while I am by no means a weak person and it was time for pay backs. I would save Anzu this time, but eventually it would be her that I would go after.

sliding through the daily crowd in too good a disguise, I made my way to the scene that was unforlding. I nothing else I would knock him out and get the rest to the inn. With all the powers that I hold, the only one that I need now is to split his soul from Jonouchi's body, however I do not have that power. Jonouchi may have to do that on his own. I stopped dead as I spotted the one man I thought I'd never see again in my life. Dropping the spell around me I ran to him and he smiled as he opened his arms to me. "Little Sarah. You've missed me haven't you?" I nod, though blink back my tears as I realize he's called me Sarah. "No, I'm Maya." Matsuki looks at me and sighes. "Very well. If you must insist." I turn as Yugi speaks and notice Jonouchi is on the ground. "You know Anzu's father...I mean uncle?" I nod. "When I was borm he lived with us in the castle. I guess I never realized it was the same Anzu you were talking about. What happened to Jonouchi-kun?" Seto suddenly steps forward with a glare. "You should know. Why is he here and not with us?" I look down sadly. "I'm really sorry about that you guys! You see my brother has been very sick lately and the reason I came home was to see if he was okay. I was just a wreck when Jonouchi walked into the dining cart. He's so nice and I guess I cried so much that I didn't realize the train was moving until it was too late." Yugi looked up at me with those eyes that he'd given me before. Those eyes that search the soul. "Can you help us since you live here? we really need a place to stay for the night...maybe longer." I smile brightly as a sudden thought crosses my mind. "You know what...you can stay with me! Jonouchi's been here for three days now so you might as well stay too."

*side note here, can anyone think of an english name for Anzu's real father?

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Friday, June 17, 2005

11:26PM - Narrator

Pegasus sat there in the middle of the street and began to think. his eyes traveled to Yugi and the puzzle. 'No good, the spirit would likely kill me if I tried that.' Then to Malik and shivered. 'I've never touched that one before and if Battle City was any indecation of it's powers...no, just no.' Then to where Anzu had been standing. 'No...she's too nice and I'd have to hurt her. Besides it was a gift from Yugi.' Suddenly however his eyes narrowed on one silent indevidual who had neither spoken a word, nor sepped in to help at any time. 'Him. He's got my eye. That's right and I don't intend to go easy on him either.' He stood, eyes fixed on Bakura in the gise of Ryou and pulled out a card. 'Three birds with one stone. Piss off Kaiba-boy, take revenge for my six month bed rest, and get us into the hotel at the same time.' He held it in the air, Bakura realizing what was going on too late. "Blue Eyes Toon Dragon...attack him now!" The cute but powerful toon knocked Bakura out cold. Pegasus ignored the shocked and angry yells as he istictively chose a pocket and low, pulled out the eye. It began to glow and the look on Seto's face was priceless as he eyed that dragon, not even noticing the glow. Pegasus bowed his head, covering his face with his hand so no one would see him removing the glass eye and replacing it with the gold one. He felt the power surge through his body once again and as he opened his eyes he smiled. Then turning his sights on the blond boy he clenched his fists. Now it was time to see if he had all his powers back. With the eye he searched the body and found Jonouchi's spirit sleeping within. So it wasn't a total possesion, this should be easy. By simply concentrating he sigled out the evil one and began to force him from the body however Matsuki stopped him. "No! Wait! He'll be able to get to Anzu if you do this!" Pegasus stopped with a sigh and suddenly disappeared.

He found himself standing in an open field, not unlike the one he'd played in as a young boy, and saw Anzu laying in the grass. As a sign of her innocence and light she wore a long white dress. He slowly approached her and stared down at her for a long moment. He was fascinated by the fact that she litterally glowed here. "I think I understand a little now." He attempted to see inside her mind but was suddenly forced back into the living realm by a very angry spirit. "I do not trust you. You will not be allowed back there again. All you would find in her at this moment are the memories she's created through the years. to break that would wake her and she is safe where she is." He nodded though with a glare. 'Just what are you hiding from us?'

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

2:53PM - Pegasus

I really should have known that, within an hour of arriving in the Mists, we would be shot at, attacked by magic, and encounter the spirits of dead people. I suppose I should be feeling nervous in the midst of all this violence, but I can’t shake the warm fuzzies I got from watching Yugi-boy propose. Ah, there is nothing as strong in this world as young love. It would have been the perfect time to celebrate with a bottle of French champagne; after all, Anzu hadn’t declined and I know that she loves him… It’s really a pity that the sweet moment was cut short by gunfire and ghosts.

Yugi is thrown backwards into Seto, who catches him deftly. He seems to be almost out of his mind with anger and frustration; he’s screaming at Anzu’s father with a fury I’ve never seen in him. Kaiba-boy is startled too. He sets Yugi on his feet and backs away quickly.

When Matsuki informs us all that Anzu is in his world, I once again wish for my golden eye. Perhaps I would be able to see into Matsuki’s realm with it, or at least extract the soul of Anzu’s father from Jonouchi’s body. Of course, there might be other Sennen items among this group, and at least one of us has some control over the monsters dotting this city. Maybe we can help in the battle to protect Anzu after all…

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Monday, June 13, 2005


!Whoosh! goes a bullet right past my ear. My sudden reaction is to turn around and found out who shot it but I guess Kaiba thought differently and pushes me to the ground, I guess he had a better idea because I might have had my head blown off. Slowly we get up, frazzled beyond belief. In my head i'm thinking What the hell but Kaiba seems to voice my opinion out loud.

I'm completly ticked off and infurated. Why should we ruin this day any further, oh wait because we all hate me, thats right we all hate me because all I ever wanted to do was to propose to the one I love. Of course that is not possible, of course not. It just never is.

Slowly the story is unwinding, slowly like a tangled ball of yarn with a very LARGE knot which won't untangle. We all slowly learn of Matsuki who is supposedly Anzus father but is also SUPPOSEDLY dead. I hate when the dead come back and try to bite you right back in the ass where it hurts. I have had the feeling countless times.

This is information has finally led to the further exploding of my small mind. All fury is released, all of it. I start screaming my mind off that all I wanted to do was propose to my girlfriend who should be my future wife but with the way things are going, my answer is no. soon as a start screaming Anzu has dissapeared. What, not again and I'm suddenly thrown to Seto who catches me. I just wanna cry and ask why cant ANYTHING GO RIGHT?

A little message:Here is a little bettting line brought to you by KAIBA CORP, what are the odds the Yugi will get his girlfriend successfully in one piece and alive. Betting lines are now open
Just had to say this because we all wonder will Yugi ever get his wife to be.

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7:55AM - K i'm a little stuck so here goes Narrator

Bullets flew and everyone dropped to the ground. Anzu and her father suddenly disppeared and Seto had to yank Yugi back down until the spray finally stoped. A gruff voice was heard, something that sounded a lot like Jonouchi but resonating with malice and they turned to see Jonouchi at the head of at least sixteen men, all sporting hand guns. It appeared they'd each only fired one round. "I've come for my daughter. Matsuki don't stand in my way." He suddenly appeared but Anzu remaned unseen and Yugi became further worried. "You know what sucks about having a real body? You're not fast enough to stop an attack...LIKE THIS!" Out of nowhere he was behind him and kicked him to the ground and then was back to his original post. "You'll regret that Matsuki." He climbed to his feet and Matsuki glared. "No, actually I won't. The best thing you've done for me brother in lae, was to kill me. I not only retained my skills at fighting, I also gained speed and a higher knowlge of the phsyical world giving me the best upper hand anyone could get." Duke tapped Seto on the shoulder. "Hey, fill me in. He's dead?" Seto roled his eyes. "Thus far as I have gathered that is Anzu's real father and Matsuki is her uncle who was killed by her father. Don't worry, it makes no sense to me either." Duke looked really confused. "Okay so wait a minute, the mutt is Anzu's father?!" Seto thought about this for a moment and nodded. "I guess. I mean that IS the mutt and he just called Anzu his daughter." Pegasus smaked them both over the head. "No. He's possesed by Anzu's father and yes Matsuki is dead." Yugi took a step forward. "You! So YOU are the reason I have been through hell to PROPOSE! What is so important that you have to screw up two perfect lives?!" Without even a word he was thrown into Seto's arms. "Where is she? I saw her here." Matsuki smirked. "She's in my world now. There's only one way you can get to her and that's to get past me."

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Friday, June 10, 2005

7:27PM - Seto

I can't believe Pegasus had a cell phone this entire time. I can't believe he called that clown either, but hell he's about my size. Then i look at his clothes and back at what i'm wearing. No thanks. That'd be like trading clothes with Yugi. I shudder at the thought.

I'm still wondering at the dead person their talking to. I know he's dead. You can sorta see through him. And if you squint he's not even there. I think this trip is starting to mess with my nerves. I mean really mess with my nerves. The dragon happily roaring at the vendors is sign enough of that. But i'm kinda ok with it.

Something catches my eye. Just a glint of something shiny, but i have this feeling. Suddenly, i'm pulling Yugi down with me as a gunshot is heard. We both hit the ground hard. Screaming is heard. Damn. Someone really must not want us here.

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Monday, May 30, 2005


its quite odd to be talking you future father in law especially when he is dead, well I'm pretty sure he is dead. Its not like he is decaying at the spot and he seems quite friendly just protective which is expected I think.

Dear old Kaiba can never seem to allow anything magic to enter a conversation lucky enough I could shut him up and give him a look shut up, you will never really understand. He had this dumbstruck look on his face like saying I so could understand but I just choose not to. Whatever Kaiba, I have no idea what goes on inside your head.

I'm so happy for Anzu, she seems just to be smiling with Joy to see her father but somehow their lovely conversation shifted to me. He starts aksing me like twenty questions but I politely nod and answer accordingly. He somehow knew about my ring which I had saved up for I don't know for how long but he said he agreed to whatever I wanted as long I took care of his daughter.

Yes, yes goes my head, you just made me a very happy little man. I would jump but then again I wanna look respected not crazy. All is going well until a cell phone rings and we all turn to see Pegasus take out his phone and you see this angry little eyes from Marik and Seto ready to jump on Pegasus and grab that phone and use every last minute on it.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

4:30PM - Narrator

Anzu stood with tears in her eyes as the man she'd always known as her father held her closely. He smiled warmly down at her and kissed her forhead. "You've grown into such a beautiful young woman Anzu. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you." She only wrapped her arms around him tighter, completely lost in memories she had forgotten over the lost years until Seto suddenly stepped forwards. "Who are you? Anyone care to fill me in here?" Yugi Softly tuched his hand to tell him not to speak and whispered softly. "Anzu hasn't seen her father since she was twelve...he died a long time ago and she needs time with him again." Seto thought to argue that dead people don't come back to life, but then he remembered that dragons don't exist either and smiled softly with a nod. This trip had been a wake up call for him and he was starting to enjoy himself. Suddenly Anzu looked around. "So where are we going to stay? I don't see any inns or anything." Her father looked up, narrowing his eyes on Yugi. "There's an inn about twenty minutes from here, however you have to have one of two things to get into it. sollen objects, preferably gold, or magic capable of beating the keeper. I know that none among you have magic...However you," He reached out his hand, becconing Yugi to him. "Boy with questionable intentions toward my daughter, have the perfect thing." Yugi stared into Anzu's confused eyes for a moment before he sighed. "My intentions are completely noble thank you! And how would I get it back, it cost me a lot of money!" He lost his bite however as his opponent's eyes began to glow. Shoving his hand in his pocket he took out the ring box and turned away, closing his eyes as he pushed it into his hands. "So much for the element of surprise." Anzu stared unblinking at Yugi as her father opened the box and took out the ring. "Yugi I...wow, that's really, um, sweet? I didn't think you liked me that much." He sighed as he looked up at her. "For the past six months I haven't been avoiding you, I've been working extra and earning money from Grandpa so I could buy that for you...I was going to propose to you a week ago but you took off. Do you have any idea what I've been through for you?! And all you can say is it's SWEET?!" Anzu giggled as she watched his face turn red. "I didn't mean it like that Yugi, I just was really surprised. I'm sure we'll get it back...right dad?" He nodded with a smile. "Now the trouble is, who will steal it from me?" A familiar voice startled them suddenly. "I'll do it." Yugi's total emaresment turned into confusion and then shock as Pegasus practically squeeled. "DUKE! Oh look, some sanity, I'm over joyed you could make it!" Duke grinned, tossing a few dice into the air. "Well when you told me that not only was this entire town duel monsters and dice monsters iliterate AND Yugi and co were in trouble, I knew I had to come." Seto and Marik both had eye twitches and said in unison. "When did he call you and why weren't we told you have a cell phone?" Malik nodded. "I could have sent Isis back home." Seto nodded. "And Mokuba could have flown me out some real clothes." *Malik Seto seat drop, sigh* "Never mind, it's too late now..."

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

9:37PM - Duke is here, have FEAR!!

As he mutters to himself, "I will find this Yugi Moto and set him right" cheating everyone out of games with his so called magic, meh. Well I better get moving, hmm where are my cheer leaders? *starts to walk down the side walk admiring the building's while having his hands in his pockets* *pulls dice out of pocket* I need to teach people how to play my game, then I will be King of Games. *laughs evily*

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

3:44PM - Seto

As I land, I notice out of the corner of my eye, a man watching the others. I pat BEWD on the nose and head to the others watching him. I seem to do that a lot. Watch and observe. Mokuba thinks it's funny as all get go. He told me one time that if I could, I would watch others live so I could perfect it. Bah, I have learned many things in my time here, and one of them is that there is no such thing as perfection.

"So, do we have somewhere to stay? Cause I'm assuming that this is more than a day trip," I tell them. Malik raises an eye at me. I frown inwardly. He had chose my clothes again this morning. It showed a village on fire, and written over the top was: Remember, Pillage. Then Burn. Frankly, I can't understand his need to make me wear these things. I sigh. No one is paying attention, and the stalker from earlier has started to move closer to us. I cross my arms. I have the distinct feeling that we are about to get a lesson as to how these people greet outsiders. Not that I care. I'll do as I please. Always have and always will.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

6:14AM - Maya *prolly short -_-;;;stuckness*

Two months ago I had come as far as the small bay by the house on the beach. I traveled by river until I reached a small pool at the foot of the mountain. It was there that I encountered him for the last time...so I hoped. I found him casting a returning spell on one of Anzu's old dolls. Apparently he'd gotten over wanting to kill her. She was eighteen now and mostlikly would remember nothing so he could still marry her off to my heart worn brother without a problem. He had already cast a memory spell on her so that over the course of a few months she would remember some things that happened but nothing damning to him. It was easy enough to kill him and I had almost done it without him knowing. I picked up the scrificial knife he had brought with him and stabbed him in the back of the neck as he bent over the doll, wrapping it's eyes and ears and taping it's mouth. reminded me of the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil proverb. 'So you don't want her to see, hear, or speak to you ever again...you're as evil as they come.' If he had completed the spell she'd have been in a complete trance, seeing and hearing nothing around her, unable to speak until she returned to him. He however, some how survived my first attack and manged to throw me into the deep pool. For the second time in my life I almost drown but Sarah carried me up from the depths and as I immerged I watched him finally fall for good. He'd brought black magic to the city and for that among many other reasons it was a relief to see him dead. What I didn't know was that he'd left a will...And he'd known where his beloved little princess was hiding all this time. Now to prevent her from returning I had to take her out.

I woke in my bed with a sore throat and my older brother sitting by my side. His infanitly serene smile made me feel better right away. Andrew, even in his saddness always smiled. He was a quiet man, had been since the age of fifteen when he decided it was more manly that his boyish questions. That's when he had developed his sith sense so it was no surprise that he was the one next to me. It was also a releif as I had only to look at him to ask a question. It was if he read someones soul when he looked into their eyes. Is he really back? There was an unsettling feeling in my stomach as he slowly nodded. I had sorely wished that Jonouchi would wake himself, but if Andrew knew than he had probably come back for a second round once he found I was alive. An angry sprirt is one thing to deal with, they can't physically touch or harm...But one who's possessed an apparently very strong young man is a totally different thing entirely. Now I needed to figure out how to redirect his anger at Anzu...before he remembered that I had killed him.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

8:12PM - Gomen

Sorry I haven't been posting. Having IB issues plus been too....un-mused-ly for inspiration...T_T I will be back soon...I promise. I will post on the 25th

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Saturday, May 7, 2005


Here we go... again. The trian station was a train station with the usual passerbys and the ususal rats, big furry rodents. I was so happy to get out period, I wanted to skip but I just didn't think that would look right.. yeah after thinking about it would be just wrong.

Our first encounter of I'm pissed off attitude was suprisingly not from Kaiba who was suprisingly giddy with joy. Did I just think Kaiba and joy together in one sentence. Who can blame him, the BEWD is probably the only thing that could stand him. Mr. Pissed off was the ticket dude who wouldn't let the dog on the train or Jou with a dog body. Well I couldn't blame him but Jou was pretty well trained and he was a person so I'm sure he could control himself... well I hoped.

Well he finally agreed but he said if the dog/person left that seat, Jou would be a dead dog. Well thats fair enough. As we got settled on the train, we started talking well besides Anzu and myself. Anzu was busy zoning out and myself well I just didn't feel the need to say talk with duel monsters and especially the Kuriboh who was sooo kind to wake me up only just a day ago( I will never sleep sweetly again)

My attention was focused on the outside window where Kaiba was busy doing loop de loops in the air. Jou started barking fursiously at Kaiba. I quickly made him be quiet because he needed to be a well behaved dog I gave him a biscuit and I soon decided that Kaiba was being a huge showoff. I decided I might as well bring up intresting conversation or this is going to be a very long train ride with my window viewing and much sleeping and I certainly couldn't sleep with that Kuriboh hanging around where ever he is.

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

9:07PM - Narrator

At noon the group *and duel monsters minus Seto and the Blue Eyes...* arrived at the train station to pick up their tickets and board the train. The ticket collector however would not let them board with a loose animal...even if it did have a human face, fingers, and now...tuffs of blond hair on it's forehead?! Anzu was holding him and screeched as his fingered paws clutched onto her shirt and began to whimper as if he knew what the man was implying. She glared at the man who actually cringed at her look. "Listen! We are on a very important mission and you're holding us up. This dog really isn't a dog at all. we're not sure how but it's our human friend." Seto gave her and odd glance as he and his dragon landed, but said nothing. 'That can't be. He stayed on the train so unless he crossed the mountains all on his own there's little chance this is actually Jonouchi.' Anzu continued her case, making the collector shiver. "We assure you he'll be no trouble. Besides, we aren't here overnight." The man looked at their tickets and sighed. "Alright, but if he leaves the seat we're putting him in a pet carrier back with the rest of the pets." Anzu suddenly held him out to Seto *the closest person to her*. "Here you hold it! OMG I am so creeped out!" Seto practically ran backwards. "I don't think so!" The BEWD stuck it's head down and chased Anzu back over to Yugi who reached out his arms and took Jonouchi from her. Seto smirked and patted it on the head. "Good dragon." The man looked up suddenly and went white as a ghost. "I hate this time of year. I'm afraid there's no room for that." The poor hurt looking BEWD turned to Seto. "Well than I guess I don't need this...I prefer to fly anyway." Pegasus looked up suddenly. "What do you mean this time of year? I've been here six years and nothing like this has ever happened." The man shook his head. "You must not get out much. for six days every year at the same time, everything goes nuts. clocks run backwards, hoards of dragons fly over, Harpies steal souls...and now Witty Phantom is wearing my hat..." Pegasus rolled his eyes outwardly but was panicking inwardly. 'No! I thought we'd lost him!' Suddenly he wiped out his deck and pulled the twins. "Witty Phantom, meet Gemini, and Geminid. These lovely toon ladies need ultimate protecting on this trip. Don't let them out of your sight!" Needles to say, Phantom had no objections.

Seto looked truly awesome riding atop the Blue Eyes White Dragon as it soared over the mountains, following the train closely. 'So, I only get to keep you another three days? Seems so cruel.' As if the dragon had read his mind, it stopped for a moment and reached it's head back, nudging Seto with it's nose as if to say that it was alight. Seto found himself smiling and ran his fingers over the silky white scales on it's head. "I think next year I'm going to take my vacation here. Go on, we don't want to be late."

On the train, Anzu had fallen asleep. As it came to a stop she was jolted sideways and landed on something soft, warm, and fuzzy...the made the creepiest sound she'd ever heard. Screaming, she quickly crawled away from a very angry Kuriboh. Witty Phantom and the Gemini twins appeared beside her with a Te-bone. “Come here boy! I got lunch for you!” Anzu watched as Phantom shook it and Kuriboh bounded over to him, catching it and eating it whole as he tossed it. She shook her head in disbelief. “That’s just wrong.” She stumbled to her feet as the others came running. “Gee thanks guys. It’s good to know it takes so long for you to come running if someone’s in trouble...remind me to never fatally injure myself around you.” Yugi glanced out the window and stared as Seto and his dragon started showing off, doing loops and spirals over the forest. Pegasus began laughing. “For someone who SWEARS he doesn’t believe in magic, he’s sure having a heck of a time with that dragon.” As Seto finally landed, they made their way off the train. Anzu stared around for a moment, looking at the buildings. “I can’t believe I don’t remember any of this.” A voice too familiar to her spoke from behind her. “That’s because by the time I took you away, you had only known the mansion as your home. You were too pure to live out here with the rest of us.” She slowly turned to see a tall man with long black hair, wearing a traditional kimono. “Dad?” He smiled and opened his arms to her. She hugged him tightly. “I thought you had died a long time ago.” He smiled warmly at her. “I did. So did your mother. But we’ve been with you since that day and thanks to the powerful magic of this place I’m able to speak to you. I hoped that you wouldn’t come back here, but now that you have I will protect you.” She looked up into his eyes. “But you aren’t really my father are you?” He shook his head. “You will learn these things when it is time for you to learn them.

Andrew looked out his window and set down his brush as he caught sight of familiar hair in the crowed. ‘She’s back. I have to get to her before Maya does...’

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7:48PM - new lj, post coming later

this is your hostess Acenaspheru in a new journal. I'm working on the narrator post now. trying to decide how much i want to give away just yet.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

3:33PM - Pegasus

I manage to squirm out of Witty Phantom’s hug before I pass out from lack of oxygen. I catch my breath and look up at the monster. He’s smiling. It’s a very creepy smile, and I should know. I designed it. I shake my head at the absurdity of the situation, and the purple suit on my bed catches my eye. “Thanks, ah… Phantom. But I think I’ll pick out something a little less-” I try to head towards my closet, but Witty Phantom steps in front of me, blocking my path.

“You don’t like it?” Oh dear, he’s grinning now. Did I mention how creepy that is? I gulp.

“Of course I like it! You have impeccable taste.” I sigh and pull on the suit, wondering what I was thinking when I bought it. Purple is *not* my color. It makes me look like an eggplant. I’m slipping the black tie around my neck when an ear-shattering noise goes off right behind me. I nearly strangle myself when I jerk in surprise and pull the tie much too tight. Swearing, I turn around and find myself staring at the enormous chest of the Lord of Dragons. He lowers a Flute of Summoning Dragons from his mouth and winks at me before disappearing.

I think I need to lie down, or at least get some fresh air. I stagger over to the window above my bed and push it open. The sight that meets me makes my jaw drop. There is a Blue Eyes White Dragon on my lawn. Of course, that isn’t the shocking part. Oh no, that would be the fact that Kaiba is petting it – and smiling. Some opportunities are too good to be missed. I run to my closet and rummage through it until I find my old camera. Ignoring the Toon Gemini Elf twins now giggling at me from across the room, I race back to the window and breathe a sigh of relief. He’s still there. I snap a picture.

I put the camera in a pocket, wondering what other impossible things will happen today. The giggling grows louder, and I turn to see the Twins pointing at my suit and laughing. Great. The monsters I designed for a game have come to life to pick out my clothes and then laugh at me. It’s still morning and already I feel tired. The twins are not helping. “Stop it,” I snarl. The blonde one whispers into the brunette’s ear and they laugh harder. “Oh, you think this is funny, do you? Will you still be laughing if I take you out of my deck?” That stops them. Tears well up in the blonde’s eyes. The brunette pulls a tissue from the bust of her dress and hands it to her twin, glaring at me as if I’m the monster. Right away I feel guilty. “I was just kidding, sorry…” I say as I walk over to the duo. The blonde cries harder. “I would never take you out of my deck,” I pat her shoulder as she blows her nose. “You know how much I love you toons…” I guess that was the right thing to say, because suddenly I have two smiling Toon Gemini elves hugging me. It was certainly less creepy than being hugged by Witty Phantom, but the lack of air was just as bad.

It was a relief when Malik burst into my room to announce a meeting. Upon seeing him, the twins let go of me and, giggling, rushed to accost our visitor.

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