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It's a nice house. Ok. Sue me. I admitted that someone has something as good as mine. I know what's going on. I've spent far too much time away from Mokuba. It's his job to keep me sane. Or in the semblance of it. I leave the others to listen to Maya's sob story. Personally, i have no interest in it. she's nice, her mind is like mine, but I do believe in such a thing as too much information. I'm more interested in finding a phone line. Hell, electricity would work. Or a bed. A bed and a nap. How long has it been since i got to sleep? 24, 48 hours? I really should sleep. Maybe when I wake up the nice hallucinations will go away. Or I'll be forced to except this as reality. Not a nice thought. Not even a good thought. I've been forced to except that magic does exist, and that sometimes you change change the future, but I'm not in the mood to except this. I come back to were I've started. I really need to sleep. Going in circles is not like me. I'm not a dog. I do ot chase my tail. Or mean to rather. 

wow, how long has it been sice we last updated? We need to breathe some life into this thing. So, I'm doing it with oyur help. (I hope) Heck I don't even remember how many characters we've got. *points at rp* LIVE!!!!!

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