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Maya *prolly short -_-;;;stuckness*

As soon as I pushed open the balconey door and looked towards the train station I knew there was trouble. That's when I saw the sorce of this trouble...*Anzu's father, still possessing Jonouchi, had around nine of our body guards with him. While I was caught off guard a while I am by no means a weak person and it was time for pay backs. I would save Anzu this time, but eventually it would be her that I would go after.

sliding through the daily crowd in too good a disguise, I made my way to the scene that was unforlding. I nothing else I would knock him out and get the rest to the inn. With all the powers that I hold, the only one that I need now is to split his soul from Jonouchi's body, however I do not have that power. Jonouchi may have to do that on his own. I stopped dead as I spotted the one man I thought I'd never see again in my life. Dropping the spell around me I ran to him and he smiled as he opened his arms to me. "Little Sarah. You've missed me haven't you?" I nod, though blink back my tears as I realize he's called me Sarah. "No, I'm Maya." Matsuki looks at me and sighes. "Very well. If you must insist." I turn as Yugi speaks and notice Jonouchi is on the ground. "You know Anzu's father...I mean uncle?" I nod. "When I was borm he lived with us in the castle. I guess I never realized it was the same Anzu you were talking about. What happened to Jonouchi-kun?" Seto suddenly steps forward with a glare. "You should know. Why is he here and not with us?" I look down sadly. "I'm really sorry about that you guys! You see my brother has been very sick lately and the reason I came home was to see if he was okay. I was just a wreck when Jonouchi walked into the dining cart. He's so nice and I guess I cried so much that I didn't realize the train was moving until it was too late." Yugi looked up at me with those eyes that he'd given me before. Those eyes that search the soul. "Can you help us since you live here? we really need a place to stay for the night...maybe longer." I smile brightly as a sudden thought crosses my mind. "You know can stay with me! Jonouchi's been here for three days now so you might as well stay too."

*side note here, can anyone think of an english name for Anzu's real father?
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great way for I can start my way on writing as Yugi again, excellent. By the way for the Anzu's father name

if wanting evil sounding names: Lucifer or maybe Damaian

or normal names umm hold on not really sure. later!
XD Damaian Sound great! Thanksness!
I do! Stefan! *cackles* go forth my minion's name!