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I really should have known that, within an hour of arriving in the Mists, we would be shot at, attacked by magic, and encounter the spirits of dead people. I suppose I should be feeling nervous in the midst of all this violence, but I can’t shake the warm fuzzies I got from watching Yugi-boy propose. Ah, there is nothing as strong in this world as young love. It would have been the perfect time to celebrate with a bottle of French champagne; after all, Anzu hadn’t declined and I know that she loves him… It’s really a pity that the sweet moment was cut short by gunfire and ghosts.

Yugi is thrown backwards into Seto, who catches him deftly. He seems to be almost out of his mind with anger and frustration; he’s screaming at Anzu’s father with a fury I’ve never seen in him. Kaiba-boy is startled too. He sets Yugi on his feet and backs away quickly.

When Matsuki informs us all that Anzu is in his world, I once again wish for my golden eye. Perhaps I would be able to see into Matsuki’s realm with it, or at least extract the soul of Anzu’s father from Jonouchi’s body. Of course, there might be other Sennen items among this group, and at least one of us has some control over the monsters dotting this city. Maybe we can help in the battle to protect Anzu after all…
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