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!Whoosh! goes a bullet right past my ear. My sudden reaction is to turn around and found out who shot it but I guess Kaiba thought differently and pushes me to the ground, I guess he had a better idea because I might have had my head blown off. Slowly we get up, frazzled beyond belief. In my head i'm thinking What the hell but Kaiba seems to voice my opinion out loud.

I'm completly ticked off and infurated. Why should we ruin this day any further, oh wait because we all hate me, thats right we all hate me because all I ever wanted to do was to propose to the one I love. Of course that is not possible, of course not. It just never is.

Slowly the story is unwinding, slowly like a tangled ball of yarn with a very LARGE knot which won't untangle. We all slowly learn of Matsuki who is supposedly Anzus father but is also SUPPOSEDLY dead. I hate when the dead come back and try to bite you right back in the ass where it hurts. I have had the feeling countless times.

This is information has finally led to the further exploding of my small mind. All fury is released, all of it. I start screaming my mind off that all I wanted to do was propose to my girlfriend who should be my future wife but with the way things are going, my answer is no. soon as a start screaming Anzu has dissapeared. What, not again and I'm suddenly thrown to Seto who catches me. I just wanna cry and ask why cant ANYTHING GO RIGHT?

A little message:Here is a little bettting line brought to you by KAIBA CORP, what are the odds the Yugi will get his girlfriend successfully in one piece and alive. Betting lines are now open
Just had to say this because we all wonder will Yugi ever get his wife to be.
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