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K i'm a little stuck so here goes Narrator

Bullets flew and everyone dropped to the ground. Anzu and her father suddenly disppeared and Seto had to yank Yugi back down until the spray finally stoped. A gruff voice was heard, something that sounded a lot like Jonouchi but resonating with malice and they turned to see Jonouchi at the head of at least sixteen men, all sporting hand guns. It appeared they'd each only fired one round. "I've come for my daughter. Matsuki don't stand in my way." He suddenly appeared but Anzu remaned unseen and Yugi became further worried. "You know what sucks about having a real body? You're not fast enough to stop an attack...LIKE THIS!" Out of nowhere he was behind him and kicked him to the ground and then was back to his original post. "You'll regret that Matsuki." He climbed to his feet and Matsuki glared. "No, actually I won't. The best thing you've done for me brother in lae, was to kill me. I not only retained my skills at fighting, I also gained speed and a higher knowlge of the phsyical world giving me the best upper hand anyone could get." Duke tapped Seto on the shoulder. "Hey, fill me in. He's dead?" Seto roled his eyes. "Thus far as I have gathered that is Anzu's real father and Matsuki is her uncle who was killed by her father. Don't worry, it makes no sense to me either." Duke looked really confused. "Okay so wait a minute, the mutt is Anzu's father?!" Seto thought about this for a moment and nodded. "I guess. I mean that IS the mutt and he just called Anzu his daughter." Pegasus smaked them both over the head. "No. He's possesed by Anzu's father and yes Matsuki is dead." Yugi took a step forward. "You! So YOU are the reason I have been through hell to PROPOSE! What is so important that you have to screw up two perfect lives?!" Without even a word he was thrown into Seto's arms. "Where is she? I saw her here." Matsuki smirked. "She's in my world now. There's only one way you can get to her and that's to get past me."
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