m4ur3ll3 (m4ur3ll3) wrote in anotherrpg,


I can't believe Pegasus had a cell phone this entire time. I can't believe he called that clown either, but hell he's about my size. Then i look at his clothes and back at what i'm wearing. No thanks. That'd be like trading clothes with Yugi. I shudder at the thought.

I'm still wondering at the dead person their talking to. I know he's dead. You can sorta see through him. And if you squint he's not even there. I think this trip is starting to mess with my nerves. I mean really mess with my nerves. The dragon happily roaring at the vendors is sign enough of that. But i'm kinda ok with it.

Something catches my eye. Just a glint of something shiny, but i have this feeling. Suddenly, i'm pulling Yugi down with me as a gunshot is heard. We both hit the ground hard. Screaming is heard. Damn. Someone really must not want us here.
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