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At noon the group *and duel monsters minus Seto and the Blue Eyes...* arrived at the train station to pick up their tickets and board the train. The ticket collector however would not let them board with a loose animal...even if it did have a human face, fingers, and now...tuffs of blond hair on it's forehead?! Anzu was holding him and screeched as his fingered paws clutched onto her shirt and began to whimper as if he knew what the man was implying. She glared at the man who actually cringed at her look. "Listen! We are on a very important mission and you're holding us up. This dog really isn't a dog at all. we're not sure how but it's our human friend." Seto gave her and odd glance as he and his dragon landed, but said nothing. 'That can't be. He stayed on the train so unless he crossed the mountains all on his own there's little chance this is actually Jonouchi.' Anzu continued her case, making the collector shiver. "We assure you he'll be no trouble. Besides, we aren't here overnight." The man looked at their tickets and sighed. "Alright, but if he leaves the seat we're putting him in a pet carrier back with the rest of the pets." Anzu suddenly held him out to Seto *the closest person to her*. "Here you hold it! OMG I am so creeped out!" Seto practically ran backwards. "I don't think so!" The BEWD stuck it's head down and chased Anzu back over to Yugi who reached out his arms and took Jonouchi from her. Seto smirked and patted it on the head. "Good dragon." The man looked up suddenly and went white as a ghost. "I hate this time of year. I'm afraid there's no room for that." The poor hurt looking BEWD turned to Seto. "Well than I guess I don't need this...I prefer to fly anyway." Pegasus looked up suddenly. "What do you mean this time of year? I've been here six years and nothing like this has ever happened." The man shook his head. "You must not get out much. for six days every year at the same time, everything goes nuts. clocks run backwards, hoards of dragons fly over, Harpies steal souls...and now Witty Phantom is wearing my hat..." Pegasus rolled his eyes outwardly but was panicking inwardly. 'No! I thought we'd lost him!' Suddenly he wiped out his deck and pulled the twins. "Witty Phantom, meet Gemini, and Geminid. These lovely toon ladies need ultimate protecting on this trip. Don't let them out of your sight!" Needles to say, Phantom had no objections.

Seto looked truly awesome riding atop the Blue Eyes White Dragon as it soared over the mountains, following the train closely. 'So, I only get to keep you another three days? Seems so cruel.' As if the dragon had read his mind, it stopped for a moment and reached it's head back, nudging Seto with it's nose as if to say that it was alight. Seto found himself smiling and ran his fingers over the silky white scales on it's head. "I think next year I'm going to take my vacation here. Go on, we don't want to be late."

On the train, Anzu had fallen asleep. As it came to a stop she was jolted sideways and landed on something soft, warm, and fuzzy...the made the creepiest sound she'd ever heard. Screaming, she quickly crawled away from a very angry Kuriboh. Witty Phantom and the Gemini twins appeared beside her with a Te-bone. “Come here boy! I got lunch for you!” Anzu watched as Phantom shook it and Kuriboh bounded over to him, catching it and eating it whole as he tossed it. She shook her head in disbelief. “That’s just wrong.” She stumbled to her feet as the others came running. “Gee thanks guys. It’s good to know it takes so long for you to come running if someone’s in trouble...remind me to never fatally injure myself around you.” Yugi glanced out the window and stared as Seto and his dragon started showing off, doing loops and spirals over the forest. Pegasus began laughing. “For someone who SWEARS he doesn’t believe in magic, he’s sure having a heck of a time with that dragon.” As Seto finally landed, they made their way off the train. Anzu stared around for a moment, looking at the buildings. “I can’t believe I don’t remember any of this.” A voice too familiar to her spoke from behind her. “That’s because by the time I took you away, you had only known the mansion as your home. You were too pure to live out here with the rest of us.” She slowly turned to see a tall man with long black hair, wearing a traditional kimono. “Dad?” He smiled and opened his arms to her. She hugged him tightly. “I thought you had died a long time ago.” He smiled warmly at her. “I did. So did your mother. But we’ve been with you since that day and thanks to the powerful magic of this place I’m able to speak to you. I hoped that you wouldn’t come back here, but now that you have I will protect you.” She looked up into his eyes. “But you aren’t really my father are you?” He shook his head. “You will learn these things when it is time for you to learn them.

Andrew looked out his window and set down his brush as he caught sight of familiar hair in the crowed. ‘She’s back. I have to get to her before Maya does...’
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YAY! I was so depressed over what to say at the 'meeting'. I'm glad you glossed over it. <.<' Neway, glad you got Seto right. He's so full of condritions...
^^; guess it's a good thing it worked out that way cause I totally forgot!