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I manage to squirm out of Witty Phantom’s hug before I pass out from lack of oxygen. I catch my breath and look up at the monster. He’s smiling. It’s a very creepy smile, and I should know. I designed it. I shake my head at the absurdity of the situation, and the purple suit on my bed catches my eye. “Thanks, ah… Phantom. But I think I’ll pick out something a little less-” I try to head towards my closet, but Witty Phantom steps in front of me, blocking my path.

“You don’t like it?” Oh dear, he’s grinning now. Did I mention how creepy that is? I gulp.

“Of course I like it! You have impeccable taste.” I sigh and pull on the suit, wondering what I was thinking when I bought it. Purple is *not* my color. It makes me look like an eggplant. I’m slipping the black tie around my neck when an ear-shattering noise goes off right behind me. I nearly strangle myself when I jerk in surprise and pull the tie much too tight. Swearing, I turn around and find myself staring at the enormous chest of the Lord of Dragons. He lowers a Flute of Summoning Dragons from his mouth and winks at me before disappearing.

I think I need to lie down, or at least get some fresh air. I stagger over to the window above my bed and push it open. The sight that meets me makes my jaw drop. There is a Blue Eyes White Dragon on my lawn. Of course, that isn’t the shocking part. Oh no, that would be the fact that Kaiba is petting it – and smiling. Some opportunities are too good to be missed. I run to my closet and rummage through it until I find my old camera. Ignoring the Toon Gemini Elf twins now giggling at me from across the room, I race back to the window and breathe a sigh of relief. He’s still there. I snap a picture.

I put the camera in a pocket, wondering what other impossible things will happen today. The giggling grows louder, and I turn to see the Twins pointing at my suit and laughing. Great. The monsters I designed for a game have come to life to pick out my clothes and then laugh at me. It’s still morning and already I feel tired. The twins are not helping. “Stop it,” I snarl. The blonde one whispers into the brunette’s ear and they laugh harder. “Oh, you think this is funny, do you? Will you still be laughing if I take you out of my deck?” That stops them. Tears well up in the blonde’s eyes. The brunette pulls a tissue from the bust of her dress and hands it to her twin, glaring at me as if I’m the monster. Right away I feel guilty. “I was just kidding, sorry…” I say as I walk over to the duo. The blonde cries harder. “I would never take you out of my deck,” I pat her shoulder as she blows her nose. “You know how much I love you toons…” I guess that was the right thing to say, because suddenly I have two smiling Toon Gemini elves hugging me. It was certainly less creepy than being hugged by Witty Phantom, but the lack of air was just as bad.

It was a relief when Malik burst into my room to announce a meeting. Upon seeing him, the twins let go of me and, giggling, rushed to accost our visitor.
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